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 Sawgrass Productions

Sawgrass Productions is a Long Island based Production Company. Since our company started in 2010, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. We aim to develop and produce  captivating videos, independent documentaries and full-length feature films with emotional impact....tell a ‘good story”. Our goal is to assemble and collaborate with other independent, creative and business professionals, to share with them a common goal of producing independent and professional works of art while delivering that appeal to a global audience.

                                                CREATING HIGH QUALITY MEDIA 
                                                              FOR A FRACTION OF THE COST
In 2010, Dan started his Production company, Sawgrass Productions,Inc. As a local Long Island filmmaker, Dan enjoys his artistic ability to create cinematic works of art. It was become apparent at an early agethat Dan was born with the natural ability to be an ARTIST, which would later become his passion for life. As an Award Wining filmmaker and with his unique “trademark” look, his high energy and his warming personality, Dan is in steady demand for his visual talent as a filmmaker. It is obvious that people are drawn to him because here's a man who lives his life by the cliche, “Attitude is a CHOICE”. In Dan's words, “It's all about the Silver Lining...finding balance. It's easy to bitch, moan and's easy to focus on what's wrong. My choice in ATTITUDE is to focus on what's right and what's BEAUTIFUL. Besides, those choices are much easier on the heart, eyes and soul

Dan Marquardt
Founder / President
Videography and Editing

The Sawgrass Team
Dan Marquardt: Founder/President 
Videography and Editing
Amy Oliver: Vice President

Amy Oliver
Vice President
 Amy has a vast and diverse work history that has helped hone and strengthen her skill set. All of which have given her the ability to own and operate businesses for 20 years. She is also called upon by other business owners and independent professionals for consulting in relation to business start up,re-establishment, maintenance, administrative and marketing.
  Whether through a business or hobby, Amy has always managed to stay true to core life passions throughout her journey; art, music and writing.Being the Owner and Publisher of ACES Magazine which focuses on Long Island's Arts, Culture, Entertainment Scene and more she is able to feed those passions and also give support to other artists, musicians, writers and business owners. She has found the same to be true in being a partner of Sawgrass Productions. It has also assisted in her continuous growth as a professional and as an artist.
 For her, it truly is all about the Journey!